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Are you searching for an innovative platform to engage directly with your target audience, while adding a personal and inviting touch to your advertising approach? Your search ends here! Lokal presents a new way to connect through our dynamic E-Magazine.

Why Advertise with Lokal's E-Magazine?

Our E-Magazine goes beyond traditional advertising. It's a living, breathing canvas for your brand, incorporating direct links to your store, captivating embedded videos, and easily clickable direct email options. We provide an immersive experience that brings your brand to life right in front of your potential customers.

Engagement Redefined:

By choosing our E-Magazine for advertising, you're embracing a sustainable approach. We've eliminated the need for printing articles on paper, allowing us to offer cost-effective ad packages without compromising quality or impact.

What sets us apart is our commitment to creating a personal and inviting touch that goes beyond standard hard copy magazines. We believe in forging a connection with our readers, making every advertisement feel like a conversation, not just a statement.

Experience our E-Magazine, where your ads resonate with readers in a more engaging and interactive manner, akin to a conversation with a friend.

Launched in September 2023:

Lokal's Interactive E-Magazine was launched in September 2023 due to the sheer interest from businesses looking to connect deeper with their audience than just plain paper.

For any inquiries or to kickstart your advertising journey with Lokal, feel free to reach out to us at 

Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey. Let's embrace the vibrancy of our local community together!