Referral Program

Exciting Vendor Referral Program

At Lokal and Expo Marathon, we appreciate the community and network our vendors bring to our events. To thank you and incentivize your participation, we are delighted to introduce our Vendor Referral Program. Here’s how it works:

Benefits of the Referral Program:

  • Save on Your Costs: Receive a 5% discount off your invoice for each new customer you refer to us. Alternatively, if your invoice has already been paid, enjoy a 5% cashback as our way of saying thank you.
  • Unlimited Potential: There’s no cap on how many new vendors you can refer. The more successful referrals you make, the more you save—potentially covering the cost of your exhibitor space entirely!

How It Works:

  1. Refer a New Vendor: Introduce a new vendor to our markets or expos. Ensure they are completely new to us.
  2. Application Process: The new vendor must include your name in the 'Referral' section of their application form to link the referral to you directly.
  3. Payment Confirmation: Once their payment is confirmed, your referral reward will be activated.
  4. Receive Your Discount or Cashback: After the new vendor’s payment is processed and the referral validated, you’ll receive 5% off your next invoice or 5% cashback if you’ve already paid.

Important Guidelines:

  • Event-Specific Referrals: Referrals must be event-specific to qualify. For example, if you refer a vendor to the Expo Marathon (such as the CPG Expo or GF Expo), your discount applies to the same event type. Referrals between different event categories (from Lokal markets to Expo Marathon events and vice versa) are not eligible for cross-discounts.
  • Accurate Referral Information: It’s crucial for the new vendor to enter your name in the designated referral section of their application. Referrals mentioned after the application has been submitted or after the new vendor has been announced on our platforms might not be accepted, especially if several weeks have passed.

Maximize Your Benefits:

  • No Cap on Referrals: There is no limit to how many new vendors you can refer, enhancing your potential savings.

This referral program is designed to make our events more accessible and rewarding for our dedicated vendors like you. By participating, not only do you contribute to the growth and diversity of our markets, but you also significantly reduce your participation costs.

For more details and to start referring, visit our website under the "Vendor Referral Program" section. Let’s grow our community together and make each event a huge success!