Introducing a New Booth Payment Structure:

We’re offering a new, flexible booth payment option to accommodate all business sizes, alongside our traditional flat fee model. This new commission-based model is available for any of our Calgary markets.

Improved Cash Flow: Lower upfront costs before the event.
Fair Compensation: Payments reflect actual business performance.
More Opportunities: Accessible for more vendors, especially those facing financial constraints.
Diverse Offerings: Outdoor space for food vendors enhances product variety.

1. Inside Community Hall (Tables Not Included):
Booth Fee: $50 upfront
Commission: 15% on your sales
Booth Size: 7 ft wide by 5 ft deep
Table Rental: 6 ft tables available for rent at $15 each (limited quantity)
Features: Ideal for businesses that do not require cooking facilities. Maximum table size allowed is 6 ft.

2. Outdoor Market Tent (Available only on Sept 15th and Oct 12th):
Booth Fee: $45 upfront
Commission: 12% on your sales
Features: Suitable for vendors who prefer or need to cook on site. Vendors must bring their own 10x10 fire-resistant market tent.

3. Premium Inside Kitchen Space:
Booth Fee: $75 upfront
Commission: 20% on your sales
Features: Access to a versatile kitchen, located inside and close to the seating area.
Existing Booth Fee Option:

If you prefer to stick with the original flat booth fee of $210, that option remains available.

General Guidelines:

Credit Card on File: Required for incidentals and compliance with market rules.

Fees for Non-compliance:
$50 Late payment of commission fees, due within 4 business days post-event.
$200 No-show fee for unattended booths or intentional lack of sales.
$1,000 Fine for non-transfer of commission or falsifying sales records.
20% Monthly interest accumulates on unpaid fees.

Transition to New Model:
If you wish to switch from your current flat fee arrangement to the new commission-based model for any upcoming market, please contact us to update your application.

Note: This new payment structure is currently only available in Calgary.

We believe these options will provide a fair and supportive environment for all our vendors, helping each to thrive regardless of their financial situation. We look forward to a successful market season with you!